Taking a five year old to the OCEAN!

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On Sunday, all the Briggs boys, Randy, Jonathan, Bryan, and JJ headed to the ocean for some fishing. Under the care of Captain Isaiah and his two mates, the Chihuahua pair of Buddy and Poncho, we all exited Newport Harbor to find some fish. We were confronted with swells that were substantial in relation to our 27 foot boat, but we motored south to a point where we found sea lions and birds adorning, in numbers, adjacent rocks jutting up from the ocean. The waves crashing against them, though fierce to our eyes, were nothing in the eyes of the wildlife who calmly enjoyed the splash in the hot sun. JJ was first to catch an anchovy, to be used later as live bait, but when the newly caught fish swung towards him on the line, he fell backwards onto the deck, not wanting to have anything to do with his wriggling catch. With the swell too much to handle in under anchor, we trolled back to Newport with no success. However, the greatest success of the day was the pair of Gray Whales that we followed for almost 45 minutes. At times the animals were only 50 yards away and were striking to behold. A slow and winding trip back through the harbor gave us a glimpse of what some people do with there extra millions… which only encourages us to work HARDER. After 5 hours at sea, JJ was the only one not to succumb to sea sickness, and was ready to head right back out. We all can’t wait to spend that time together again, as a family of brothers.

Check out what we caught on film here!


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