Mary Clare’s first Christmas and New Years!

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It was very exciting to witness such happiness out of such a little girl this year. We celebrated Christmas with our new Mary Clare for the first time and it did not disappoint. While you can be sure that many more photos were taken, these are the highlights. They not only depict a few on Christmas, but some family shots at the beach as well as a day at Disneyland on New Years Day, an Ayotte family tradition of which we are proud to be a part.

A quick trip to the Santa Ana Zoo!

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While this zoo is no where near the size of the San Diego Zoo or the Safari Park, it is very close and intimate. Not only that, but they have a great group of primates that are happily bouncing around their enclosures. It was a blast to take the family out to see some exotic animals up close, and to be able to get some fun shots up close and personal. While the cages made it a little difficult to get clear shots, there are still some that I will always treasure, but that is mostly because the “models” were so entertaining.

Supermoon 2014

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It only happens once a year, but last night the world expeirenced a Supermoon. This is the night where the moon is closest to the earth as a full moon. It is a beautiful site and exciting to see all the deatils in the moon. I attached it to the telescope and fired away. Enjoy!

Mary Clare Briggs

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History was made on Monday June 23rd, 2014 as the Briggs and Ayotte families welcomed Mary Clare Briggs. She was born at 9:50 PM and weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was the first girl born in the Briggs family since 1862 (seriously we’ve only had boys for 152 years). Of cousre I could not be more excited, as she is MY DAUGHTER. My wife Jeanette and I are thrilled to have our little princess at home, and we look forward to watching her grow.

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Beautiful Art at the Huntington Library

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On a beautiful Monday afternoon, my wife and I found our way to the Huntington Library. The striking grounds and the wonderous art and sculputres have a nack for invigorating the imagination. We were in awe of the incredible attention to detail, as we all are, of the grounds and art. I tried to capture some of the beauty in the lense, but mostly we just had a great afternoon.

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